MOVE is the first industry-wide audience measurement system for outdoor media in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions


The following FAQ are for typical day to day user issues or the basics of MOVE. For more extensive issues please contact MOVE at


How do I get a login? Click here

Forgotten my password! Click here

Why won't MOVE let me run my proposal or campaign? Proposals have a 30 day default unless longer duration was requested. Check expiry date of your proposal(s).

Why does the reporting queue appear not to be processing?Check ‘All - Waiting’ for ETA. If still experiencing issues please contact MOVE.

Can I get hands on training? MOVE arranges periodic hands on training sessions in each market. Specific training sessions can also be arranged for larger groups. Please contact MOVE.


What is plan by format (PBF)? This feature enables users to look at heavy, medium and light weights within each of the formats against different durations and demographics. Different combinations of formats and weights can be reported on. The results are based on the average of a number randomly generated schedules. Note: The weights are relevant to the format, not between formats. For example, 'Heavy weight' may cost different amounts for each format. Click here to access PBF.

What is a default duration? This duration refers to the amount of time that the face will be displayed for.

Who do I contact for issues regarding MOVE? For any issues, contact MOVE or telephone 02 9357 9900 in Australia during normal business hours AEST.

What can I do to plan and evaluate a campaign in MOVE? Determine campaign weights and formats using Reach Curves and Plan by Format analysis.

  • Analyse specific package responses to a brief in the Proposals section. Contact your outdoor company representative with a brief.
  • Analyse your total campaign by combining Proposals sent to you through MOVE.

How long will it take me to run a report? Typically you should only have to wait a few minutes for most requests. When you run a report, it will first seek out whether the information has been sourced before by other users. In these instances the time taken to run the report will be minimal. If the report is processing new information it will first go into a queue. Information will then be processed by accessing up to 10 computers per market. The report running time will therefore be dependent on the number of prior requests in the queue and the amount of processing time involved per report request.

When is a MOVE ID created? When an Operator first enters a face into the MOVE system it is allocated a unique MOVE ID. This MOVE ID remains attached to this face for the duration of its lifespan with that Operator.

What is the process for a face to be accepted in MOVE? MOVE will validate all new face entries. In addition, MOVE may require the Operator to provide proof that the face exists or will exist in the future within a reasonable amount of time (to allow for new signage not yet built to form part of the next update). If MOVE believes any incorrect details have been entered or require further clarification on a face then it will be rejected and the operator notified with the reasons why. The Operator will then need to respond to this and resubmit the face. Once a face has been accepted by MOVE it will be included in the next available system update.

How do I add, delete or edit a face? All these functions are available within the Sites tab. Only users authorised by their company to perform ‘Admin’ or ‘Site Manager’ functions can access these.

What affects the audience measurement score in Site Classification? Each format type has several key fields that will affect its final Likelihood To See (LTS) score. These can be broken down as follows;

  • Roadside - Longitude, Latitude, Face Height, Illumination Format, Illumination Period, Orientation.
  • Retail - Floor level, Escalator Vicinity, Department Storefront, Supermarket Precinct, Corridor Type.
  • Train Station - Location in Station, Percent Boarding, Percent Alighting, Visible Links, Platform Position, Number of Platforms Visible.
  • Buses/Trams - Route service by depot, position on vehicle.

All faces will have their size (Horizontal Face Length, Vertical Face Length) affecting its LTS score

How can I recover a site entry I have deleted? If you need to recover a face that has been deleted accidentally please contact MOVE on 02 9357 9900 or at The MOVE database stores all data, however the software shows only ‘live’ information.

What steps do I take to process a site classification entry to keep it current? Site Classification details should be updated with any changes to faces as they occur. At predefined dates ‘snapshots’ of the entire database is taken which are then processed to produce new audience results.

What does MOVE measure? MOVE measured the audiences of all major Out-of-Home (OOH) formats within the Primary Coverage Areas (PCAs).

How is the MOVE Methodology worked out? Detailed information on the MOVE methodology can be found here.

How often is the MOVE data updated? The data is updated annually, typically in March. Click here for more information.

I need to access a proposal/campaign my colleague created, how can I do this? There will be a user in your company that has 'Admin' or 'Site Manager' access rights and they will be able to share the report/campaign with you. If you are unsure of who this is, please contact MOVE.

What does it mean when I am trying to use a package with sub-packages but one of the sub-packages is in black instead of green (not accessible) and I cannot find it in our ‘company’s posted packages’. It doesn’t appear in 'my company’s posted' as it has not been posted. You don’t have to post it so that so that you can use it, but it does need to be shared with you somehow so the system knows you have the right to run it in a report. This can be done by either posting it (but then everyone in your company will see it) or by having the creator share it with you specifically using the drop down list in the package. Once it’s shared with you it should no longer be black in the package of packages. Once it’s shared with you it should no longer be black in the package of packages.

I am trying to run a campaign but one of the packages is not appearing, why? Chances are it has expired. Any proposals that have expired will not come up in the campaign builder list. You will be able to see it on your proposal list in black text, not green, with the word 'expired' on it. The proposal needs to be resent with a new expiry date (default is 30 days), contact the Operator to do resend.

What is and is not included in MOVE?