MOVE is the first industry-wide audience measurement system for outdoor media in Australia

The MOVE Product

MOVE system

MOVE is a web-based interactive planning tool for media buyers, advertisers and outdoor media operators. It is Australia’s first national industry-wide audience measurement system for Out-of-Home (OOH) media and world leading in that it covers all major OOH environments including roadside, airports, railway/bus stations, buses/trams and shopping centres. No international system measures audiences to the same depth as MOVE.

There are two parts to the system:

  • Public site : These areas are available to anyone and cover the background to MOVE, its design, methodology, case studies, key contacts for MOVE and out of home operators and governance. Key features on the public site include campaign planning tools, Reach and Frequency snapshots and Plan By Format, an interactive tool for calculating Reach and Frequency for Out-of-Home formats, localities, demographics and media weights.
  • Login site : This is a members only area where proposals for OOH campaigns can be sought, reports on campaign performance can be generated and where OOH operators can manage their sites. These single results are then combined to provide total contacts, and reach and frequency results for ‘packages' of faces or for total media campaigns. If you already have access then login above right, click on the Buy tab or click here.


MOVE provides audience measurement results for more than 73,800 (2015 data release) Out-of-Home advertising faces within the five (5) Primary Coverage Areas (PCA's) of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. PCA's extend beyond the metropolitan boundaries of each of these cities and match the audience rating areas for television as defined by OZTAM.

MOVE users can access 112 target audience demographics to measure their campaigns. Click here for more details

The OOH faces MOVE measures fall into one of three environments; Roadside, Transport and Lifestyle/Retail. Each has its own methodology for extracting audience from a common audience base.

Current formats measured by MOVE in these environments include:


  • Billboards over 25 square meters, including supersites and spectaculars
  • Billboards 25 square metres and under, including 6x3 posters and 4x6 portraits
  • Bus and tram shelters, kiosks and freestanding units
  • Bus and tram vehicle external faces
  • Phone booths


  • Railway stations
  • Bus and Tram terminals
  • Bus and tram vehicles, internal faces
  • Domestic and international airport internal faces
  • Airport precinct billboards


  • Shopping centre internal faces including entrance signage

Likelihood To See (LTS)

MOVE introduces a new audience measurement currency to Australian media known as Likelihood To See (LTS). This means that only those people from among the chosen demographic who in all probability saw the OOH advertising campaign are included in the audience measurement results.

LTS is an entirely different concept to Opportunity To See (OTS) which is used by most other media. OTS includes all people with the potential to come into contact with an advertising message regardless of whether or not they actually see it.

LTS is derived by applying a Visibility Index (VI) to the OTS for OOH advertising faces. VIs are the combined values of a collection of visibility factors such as the size of the face, whether or not it is illuminated, and the speed with which a person is passing that face. Different VIs are applied to drivers and passengers, public transport passengers and pedestrians at each viewing location to produce the final LTS results.

Ots Vi

Click here for a list of OTS and VI factors.

Cross-format planning

MOVE has been purpose built to enable media buyers and advertisers to plan their OOH campaigns using any combination of formats.

Media buyers can combine published sample packages and bespoke proposals obtained from any outdoor media operator with inventory in the MOVE system.

Outdoor media companies selling more than one format can also combine formats as part of their packages.

MOVE has inbuilt mapping functionality to visually display the reach of a campaign against the chosen demographic and market(s).