MOVE is the first industry-wide audience measurement system for outdoor media in Australia

MOVE Updates

Since MOVE launched in February 2010 the data has been updated annually to reflect the current market conditions.

Updates typically include detailed population breakdowns for each of the 16,500 travel zones, travel infrastructure changes such as new roads, public transport timetables and routes, and changes to shopping centres. In addition signage is updated with any changes to existing signage and the addition of new signage.

Release of updates for MOVE

2010, February - MOVE launch

2010, September - SYDNEY only update to reflect M4 toll removal

2011, September - Full update, all markets

2012, September - Signage and methodology update (transit), all markets

2013, March - Full update, all markets, released 13th March

2014, May - Full update, all markets, released 19th May