MOVE is the first industry-wide audience measurement system for outdoor media in Australia

OOH Formats in MOVE

The table below displays the various formats and their operators that are currently contained within MOVE together with those that are excluded from the measurement figures:

Formats in MOVE

MOVE Signage

Currently Included

Currently EXCLUDED


Anything seen when walking or driving down a road. This includes large and small billboards, street furniture and external panels on buses/trams . Companies who have their signage measured by MOVE include: Adshel, APN Outdoor, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising, goa, JCDecaux, oOh!media, Outdoor Systems, QMS Media, Savage Outdoor, and TorchMedia.

Some Buses and Taxi backs do not (yet) subscribe. Also Mobile trucks / cycles not included.


Internal locations at airports: all major companies

Signage inside an airport car park is excluded


Internal locations at shopping centres including signage at the entrances: oOh! and Adshel predominantly although other operators have some sites

Signage inside the centre car park is excluded – measurement stops at the entrance area of a centre. Additionally formats such as Torch floor decals and SeeMedia’s petrol pump advertising excluded. Discussion with all are ongoing


Inside Train Station and major Bus Station concourse and platform areas Adshel, APN, JCDecaux and GOA (Brisbane)

Digital screens

Digital Screens in variety of locations e.g. Building Foyers and Lifts Format not currently included.


Signage within university campuses (oOh!) – At the time of original design spec this format was in it’s infancy and not part of the brief

For more information about the environments included within MOVE then click here:

Those formats or environments not included are the result of decisions by the owners of the signage, not MOVE – MOVE can include any environment or format the owner is willing to invest in the modelling, site classification and analysis required for their format to be included.

Note: MOVE measures only permanent signage locations currently