MOVE is the first industry-wide audience measurement system for outdoor media in Australia

The Visibility Index in MOVE

Likelihood To See (LTS) is the result of applying Visibility Index score(s), known as the VI, to the total audience passing a face. The VI is derived from a number of measured values around the characteristics of the face, the audience mode/time of day and the location environment. Click here to see a list of VI and OTS factors in MOVE.

More than 15 years of international and Australian eye tracking studies have been used to provide the visibility research necessary to develop the MOVE system.

The majority of this research has been undertaken by Simon Cooper and Dr Paul Barber who worked on the successful POSTAR audience measurement system for the United Kingdom's outdoor media industry. POSTAR was the first to base its audience measurement results on LTS, or Visibility Adjusted Contact (VAC) as it is known in the UK.