MOVE is the first industry-wide audience measurement system for outdoor media in Australia

Data integration into emma

The integration of MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) into emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) is set to change the way media agencies plan Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns.

Fusing the two metric systems will enable emma subscribers to cross-tabulate all of emma’s media, demographic, attitudinal, lifestyle and product consumption variables against the formats measured by MOVE, giving media planners a deeper understanding of OOH’s reach by specific demographics. In addition, the geo-demographic audience profiling tool, geoemma,will also fuse with MOVE, enabling even greater comprehensive local area marketing insights.

Data integration from MOVE into emma was undertaken by Milton Data and is based on probability models and involves automation of 21,000 different models by Milton Data. Individual emma respondents are each given personal probability of exposure based on these models.

• Identify exposure probability dependent on demographics/geography (28 days)
• Identify contingent probability for exposure to same format in lesser period
• Incorporate adjustment for conditional probabilities of multiple format exposure.

How it's done

More than 1.7M individual audience profiles were supplied to emma based on each having a separate geography, format, duration, gender, age, occupation and propensity to travel combination. In more detail; the data sets used for integration from MOVE include the signage within the 5-city PCA (geo link) split at a small area (SA3) detail, total faces for each format were combined, duration inclusive of 28 days used, 99 different target audiences combinations of age, gender and occupation within each SA3/format(s)/duration combination. In total these combinations created 1,743,916 different audience profiles encompassing the total population. From emma the data sets include a national sample, basic demographics, media consumption, attitudes/activities, category usage, brand awareness and purchase intent.


Move Emma Formats

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